About Cross Content

What story do you want to tell today?

Created in 2001, Cross Content is a multi-platform production agency that plans and executes cross-media projects (based on the integrated use of various communication channels). These works include books, magazines, videos, websites and new online formats such as web series and interactive documentaries.

Cross Content believes that communication tends to become increasingly multifaceted.

To tell stories and captivate his audience, the 21st-century communicator has at its disposal a wide array of screens (cinema, TV, computers, video games, cell phones and tablets) and printed formats (books, magazines, brochures).

Understanding the best way to tell each story – with the use of one or several platforms – is Cross Content’s field of expertise.

How we work?

From planning to final delivery, the company operates in all stages of a project.

It works as a consultant, helping its clients to understand the requirements and designing products tailored to each reality. And as a producer, taking care of all execution steps in a multi-platform project.

According to the need, it also generates content in other languages, such as English and Spanish.


Our services

Books, magazines, videos, websites, videos, interactive documentaries and more…


The clients of Cross Content are media companies and non-profit organizations (NGOs, multilateral organizations, United Nations agencies, institutes and foundations) that are looking for innovative communication solutions with high quality content.



Cross Content
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