Our services

On-line media

Cross Content creates websites and produces content for long-term online editorial projects, such as news sites and relationship sites with specific publics.

New languages in on-line media

Research into new languages and tools is one of Cross Content’s leading concerns.

The company is at the forefront of multimedia production in Brazil, with its interactive documentary project.

Its first interactive documentary, Earthquake Kids – Children and Their Rights in a Devastated Haiti, was released in June 2010 and it received positive reviews from the press in France, Italy, Spain and Brazil.

It’s second interactive documentary, Rio de Janeiro – Self-Portrait, won the 2011 Vladimir Herzog Journalism Award for Amnesty and Human Rights.

In addition to producing interactive documentaries, Cross Content has also created a blog (www.webdocumentario.com.br) and a Twitter account with tweets in English  (@webdocumentario) to explain the concept, report on the progress of its projects and share interesting links on the topic.

The company is also banking on the trend of using online games as an information platform – so-called news games – and on the use of multimedia graphics on the internet – so-called data driven journalism.

Novas narrativas interativas, novas formas de contar histórias

Print media

Cross Content plans and produces customized books and magazines with a distinctive design and content.

It specializes in projects that require high quality journalism – involving research, reporting, photojournalism and editing.